The Ultimate Wine Experience

Whether you’re a collector, want automated shipments on a monthly basis or customize your orders based on real-time needs, I’m your Somm.

The Why

I work with clients one-on-one providing a wine club that doubles as a boutique concierge service, digging deeper into each client’s individual needs.

At a time when wine clubs are a dime a dozen, often generic and based on preferences via a quiz or algorithm, my relationship with my clients is at the heart of my business model and ensures my selections are unique and customized to you.

“I jumped at the opportunity to join Lipstick on my Glass Wine Club. Lisa’s extensive knowledge of wine and the wine industry is clearly evident in her videos of the wine and winery that she presents. The clear difference of her wine club versus all the others I belong to is that I get to be pleasantly surprised by new wines and educated, with humor, about the wine that just arrived at my doorstep.”
– Patrick, current wine club member

Schedule Your Consultation

Call me at 310-869-6404 or fill out the form below. To sign up for access to the site’s premium content you can subscribe for free here.

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