Bouchaine, Carneros


I mean, judging from my instagram posts I think it’s pretty clear this is a winery that takes the cake. The wine was superior and some of my favorite Chard and Pinot coming from the region. Allllso something interesting, they’re unique in that they offer a Pinot Meunier, a cousin to Pinot Noir and suitable to the climate down here in Carneros. This is a grape that is most well known for its role in Champagne blending and hard to find as a varietal on its own, nevertheless coming from California.


The setting is in an area even I hadn’t yet discovered but still easy to get to. Right off the 12, once you find Domaine Carneros, take the bucolic 3-4 mile drive to the winery which will open you up to spectacular views and where feeding cows and passing tractors are also sights to see. Needless to say, you’ll simply melt into the setting and feel like you’re no longer a tourist (if you are, in fact, a tourist)… 🙂

As you arrive, the experience is just an extension of all this bliss. It’s location, although accessible, is quiet and removed. The country-like elegance and quality of the entire experience makes it a 5-star winery in my humble opinion. From hospitality, winery practices, to environment and the wine itself it has all the ingredients that us pro’s seek out.

My Personal Favorites:

  1. Pinot Meunier simply b/c you can’t find it anywhere else
  2. Chardonnay, Bouche de Beurre – SO elegant and round, my type of Chard
  3. Rosé aka “Vin Gris of Pinot Noir” – dry and crisp with classic hints of strawberry coming from the Pinot.

*Can’t wait to go back to the area in a couple weeks and visit the neighbors. Stay tuned…

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