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“Odette is a fabled princess… a mistress…a judge…a heroine. Odette is both of antiquity and modernity. You will find her in works of fiction and tales from history. Odette encapsulates our inspiration for this property – femininity, strength and power.”

Stolen straight from the website, this to me is so powerful and fitting for so many reasons. What better winery to explore than one that embodies such a feminine tale. Her presence not just in this industry but her place in a bigger world and the elegant nuances that reflect some of the Valley’s most stunning wines. When we arrived I had a strong sense of belonging and felt so good sitting in all the beauty that surrounded us. Learning more about their mission and who they are it all made sense, my experience couldn’t have been more encapsulated in such a whimsical exploration of winemaking in the Napa Valley.


Owned by the PlumpJack Group since 2012, they have quite the magical trio of Principals at the helm. Notably, winemaker Jeff Owens made history in 2015 with his inaugural release at the estate to score a perfect 100 points from Parker’s Wine Advocate! Between the team, the setting in its lovely little corner of the Stags Leap District and their commitment to organic and sustainable practices, they have it all and worth every penny to imbibe.


Here was really a perfect stop for us to take our glass of Reserve Chard (rich, round and textured) and snag a front row seat to the vines while we just took in the setting. Considering the winery was smaller and more intimate, this was an experience we felt really immersed into the setting. A perfect example of “appointment only” gratitude, a nice break from the day and the business of the tasting rooms on our way up.

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Although we were drinking Chardonnay (it was hot y’all) this is true Cab country and some of the best and most well-maintained Cabernet vines you’ll find. Originally planted by the Steltzner’s back in 1970, there has been a lot of investment made by the current team into the future of this estate. Odette is 100% organic (CCOF) and earned LEED Gold Certification which only shows they’re not messing around. Quality, the long term vision and care along with the storytelling make this a favorite for me.

*Appointment Only; $$$-$$$$

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