Clos Du Val – Stag’s Leap Dist., Napa

“Estate wines from renowned vineyards” is the backbone of Clos du Val’s philosophy.


Their hospitality was absolutely beyond and our host Scott took great care of us. We opted for the Key to the Library private tasting which allows guests and industry professionals to access limited production and reserve wines of our choice, wines that are typically allowed for their Coterie wine club members only. For a day we were part of that club, and it tasted great!


On this journey I was on a mission to find a noteworthy bottle for gift for my friend Patrick. I wanted to find something that was characteristic of true Napa but with the expertise and allure of Bordeaux. Each bottle of Clos du Val is 100% estate grown and the mastery of blending classic Bordeaux varietals (Cab, Cab Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec) in the Napa Valley comes from the owners rich history in wine. The Estate is a vision of descendants John and Henrietta Goelet of famed wine merchants in Bordeaux and who spared no expense employing winemaker Bernard Portet. Portet was able to search 5 continents on a mission to understand the best climate, conditions and overall terroir to execute this ambitious Napa project and low and behold, 45 years later, they are an acclaimed producer for what the Old World can bring to the New.


The bottle I selected was their 2015 Three Graces. I loved this wine for it’s structure stemming from the Cabernet and the velvety texture, tabacco and dried fruit coming from the Cab Franc. I also loved these 2 wines on their own but together they married in a whole new way. In the picture you are literally drinking the grapes you’re looking at with a stunning view of Hirondelle Vineyard, their most prized estate vineyard, providing the wine in our glass. It was an honor selecting out of these bottles and now I know exactly where to go when searching Bordeaux done well in California. This, is truly the spot.

*Wine technical details here. *Cellar up to 10 years

Thanks, Pat. Thanks Clos du Val.

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