Paraduxx – Stags Leap Dist; Best For Blends!


Kim and I were treated so well at Paraduxx. It is, just as you may have guessed, an extension of the Duckhorn family of wines (Duckhorn, Migration, Decoy, Goldeneye and Canvasback). I chose this as a nice stop up the Silverado Trail a few minutes up from Cliff Lede and Goosecross and their wines are focused on Hospitality was absolutely on point and we learned that our fabulous (!) host, John Bond, doubles as a wine educator and even hosts a Pinot Noir blending class (Kim and I have every intention to go back for that experience so stay tuned for the write up).

The wines, I’d have to say, were the highlight for me. A) Blends are a super hot category right now and B) These wines are coming from extraordinary grapes both quality-wise and stylistically, not to mention a state of the art winemaking team. The winery was essentially created to allow Duckhorn’s winemakers to express the true art of blending their Napa wines and tasting them all side by side allows one to really hone in on preference. Whatever tasting you sign up for it pays to mention they serve the BEST cheese! And, if you’re nice, they’ll top off the tasting with a dark chx duck truffle. Your palate will thank you for this stop.


*Reservation Recommended for Table Side Service; $$-$$$



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