Gloria Ferrer, Sonoma – Carneros, Stop 2

This is a huge step up from Cline as you head further North up the 12. Only a couple miles away you’ll find sweeping views of Carneros and the hills just west of the well-known Petaluma Gap, which has such a big influence on the wines being produced here. I was immediately comforted by the ambiance of a well-done tasting room and an even more amazing patio overlooking ALL of Carneros. Even in high season I’d recommend a stop although it’s accessibility makes it a hot spot for tourists and professionals alike (not really recommended if you want something super intimate). On the other hand they offer tours which are nice when planned in advance and if you’re needing a lesson in domestic bubbles you can’t beat it. The setting, the wines and the climate make it suitable for any occasion and the bubbles make it that much more special. I’d recommend it for an outing with the family or the in-laws or if you’re me and just craving some local olives, charcuterie and a vintage Blanc de Blanc as an excuse to leave the office….

Environment: ***

Wine/Food: *** Recommend: Reserve Flight/Charcuterie

Hospitality: ** Was a little slow-going but well taken care of

Price: $$

Wine Club: πŸ‘πŸΌ

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