Viansa, Sonoma

Viansa will be short and sweet since it’s not my personal favorite, although, it has all your typical wine country offerings: nick nacks, a long drive way, views, a yard with some vines and of course, a fountain (see below). I’m just not a huge fan of the sterile-feeling tasting room and boxes all over the floor (this could also be due to the slow time of year, but I mean c’mon). This is, however, a good stop if you’re coming by the bus-load, in a large group or might just be a noisy bunch. It’s conveniently located right of the 121 and you’ll most certainly pass it as you enter Sonoma heading north bound. They have fun “viewing boxes” for you and your pals to take a bottle of wine and maybe grab some meat and cheese from the deli/meat counter inside. Wine-wise they do a lot with Italian varietals (Sangiovese, Barbera and such) and to me they’re mediocre to good but I just prefer more California classics that are most suitable to the area. I can appreciate the effort though. And who knows, you may love them…that’s the beauty of wine and personal preference is always key.


*Reservation not required; $-$$


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