A Winery w/ a View: Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, Stags Leap dist., Napa

My favorite way to start a day wine tasting in Napa is either with brunch at the Boonfly Café (located at the charming Carneros Inn, and only if you’re coming from San Francisco. And order the BLTE with an over-easy egg…to DIE for! or a coffee, pastry and/or other quick provision from the Oxbow Public Market. For today’s purpose the latter was a better choice since we were visiting three wineries in close proximity to the Market. And considering we were tasting on a Sunday we chose to stick around the Silverado Trail that runs parallel and just east of Hwy 29. And a pro-tip if I may: visit the busier wineries on weekdays and the wineries that are a little harder to get to on the weekends. This formula ensures you won’t get caught up with craziness that comes with wine tasting, unless you’re looking for bigger crowds then you can just reverse this formula. However, winter is usually the slowest season so you can essentially steer free of crowds this time of year.

Lipstick Log:

Map pin depicts the general area of the wineries we’ll visit in a day

Now, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars has definitely made its mark on the world, having won the blind-tasting portion of the Cabernet Category at the Judgement of Paris in 1976. This was an event that forever changed California and the potential of its wines and the New World as a whole. We have TIME reporter George Taber to thank for being present at the time and sharing this new found warrior with the world; Whereas if he wasn’t, the word may have never gotten out that California, in fact, beat Bordeaux among other French wines – considered only the best in the world…at the time.

Most wineries in the area clearly have stunning views, Stag’s Leap is no different but truly state-of-the-art from arrival to departure. And don’t leave without a taste of my personal favorite, FAY Vineyard Cab and/or a large format offering that you also won’t find in any retailer. This is one place I can come back to time and time again!

Click on the Video for Tasting & Tour

Thanks, Vic for a great tasting! We’ll be back!

See you on the soil,

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