Truchard, Napa – Carneros AVA

To continue on my journey through Carneros, Truchard is an ideal stop due, really, to its location. Guests be informed, however, this winery is by appointment only and not a leisure/hangout stop. It was more a 1, 2, 3 step walk around the house that happens to lead up to a quick view in the vineyards. I’d say simple, of course a good setting, and straightforward. Fruit is all estate so you know exactly what they’re working with.

Since I was planning my trip here solo, they were kind enough to add me to a group of 4, which I love b/c I enjoy hearing other people’s questions and curiosities that are outside of my own (I’m always learning something new from you guys!). The pace was such that we were strolling through the visit. First was a pour of Sauvignon Blanc in a room which was an office/cellar of sorts. Here our host Pete Hicks gave us a rundown of the Truchard family, their story and their rich history of more than 40 years in the area, another OG of the Carneros region. From the introduction we moseyed over to the caves and, as always, were intoxicated by the smell of the fresh oak barrels that surrounded us. We weren’t able to get our hands on any barrel samples but it was a good spot for us to stop and ask a few questions. Lastly, and most importantly, was our trek up to my favorite part of the experience and a first for me: the vista at the top of the vineyard – the setting pictured on the label itself!


Take a look at the picture above. Nothing drives home drinking at the source like standing on the very soils that are displayed on bottles distributed across the globe. The cat (I took too long to write this post so I forget his name – face palm) was also a sweet addition.

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My Favorite(s):

2015 Merlot: A little spice but tame; I typically prefer mountain fruit but this is a good selection of their’s.

2016 Chardonnay: Due to the region I’d be really disappointed if they didn’t do this well…

*By Appointment Only; $$

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