The Why



Hi all! I’d like to introduce myself:

My name is Lisa Rocchi and by day I currently work as Regional Sales Director for one of the most established wineries in Santa Barbara County. This, this here, is my passion project and something I’ve envisioned building since my very first visit to wine country some years ago. One visit to Ken Wright Cellars in Oregon and spending the day with him and his team truly changed my life and there started a whole new journey in my wine endeavours. Whatever I’d do moving forward, I’d be connected to the wine industry, its people and all its experiences.

Certified as a Sommelier, a passion of mine is sharing the winery experience and allowing those who participate to see it through the best lens: a professional’s lens. Here you’ll be able to see it all from the sweeping tasting rooms, down to the cellar, all the way to the vineyard.

Oh, and my previous career was in fashion and beauty, hence I like to wear lipstick 🙂

Enjoy the site and hopefully I’ll see you on the soil…

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