Artesa, Napa

Artesa is a great stop, again as you’re heading north into wine country. A solid good day and a day I do often is a big brunch at Boonfly Cafe (order the BLTE, to DIE for), Domaine Carneros, Saintsbury and Artesa. They’re all in close enough proximity to require less drive time and each have their own unique experience. Tasting-wise here, for something a little outside the box, I’d suggest giving the Albarino a try, otherwise they do a solid job w/ Cab. If you do do the other stops these wines will round out the progression of styles you’ll be tasting in a day, literally from bubbles, lighter to medium-bodied Pinot and Chard all the way to full-bodied and structured Cabs and blends. If you’re so inclined, take notes or pay close attention and you might just walk away from the day with a new stylistic preference. If you get a little too toasty pictures always do the trick 😉

As you can see from the pictures the winery is just up a hill a little ways from Carneros and exudes a museum-like facade, or even a bunker….guess it depends on the guest. The staircase to the top leaves you with a near 360 view of southern Napa/Carneros and plenty of good angles for a wind-swept selfie. I always leave here feeling there’s so much more to the bunker of a winery but sneaking around didn’t get me all that far. You can usually get a spot at the tasting counter but I’d suggest calling ahead and making a reservation for the courtyard or patio to get the whole experience.

*Reservation Recommended

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