Aonair, Conn Valley

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Since you’re ALL probably asking the same question, it’s pronounced ā-ō-nair. Gaelic for one man, it reflects the hands-on nature of winemaking and the cohesive nature of one man’s vision, the vision of Grant Long Jr.

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When I knew I was headed in this direction and going to be legitimately in the mountains of Napa I asked my guy Rosco, over at Amizetta, what his suggestion for a stop on the way would be. “Hands down” he said Aonair, and for good reason. It’s a half mile down the road, only open to those who “know people” (which, obvi), either Grant Jr or Grant Sr were sure to be around (which Sr was), and our guy Dan was solely one-on-one with us which is every group-of-gals-visiting-wine-country’s dream. Let’s be real. Above and beyond in the sense he greeted us with their LOVELY 100% Sauvignon Muscat (slightly sweet palate with a dry finish), which is a rare breed of wine and not something you can really find anywhere else. He then walked us around the “experience” which is essentially a cabin up in the hills with a bar boasting a whiskey selection unmatched in Napa, a couple fireplaces and a view that calls for a lipstick stained glass.

Not an extensive tasting but enjoyable nonetheless. I’d say Aonair is more appropriate for a membership or intimate dinner (if you’re so lucky). A place you can really take your time and take it all in or even get in a roller coaster ride through the vineyards! Considering it was a cold day up in Napa we were up for the thrills and happy to even have them extended to us. To wrap up the day we got to cozy up by the fireplace while sipping some of our favorites. I’ll be trying to go back when I have my romantic got safe in tow, considering I still know people…

*Not Open to the Public; $$$; Only Sold Direct

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