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Amizetta comes highly recommended for not just one of the most stunning views of Napa but the Mayacamas and Vacas mountain ranges surrounding you with Lake Hennessey directly to the south. Stunning views, fire pits, elevation and an intimate tasting is what made this visit so special. They also produce one of my favorite styles of wine: mountain Merlot…

Mountain fruit has this distinct profile of spice and richness that’s just more pronounced than its Valley counterparts and a multitude of factors contribute to this uniqueness. The elevation, soil structure and the vines here simply have more of a struggle for water, creating a smaller berry that produces a rich and textured wine w/ typically more weight on the palate. Good tannin structure but balanced beautifully with acid and just the right amount of oak (they use all French) and fruit. It pays to know that hillside fruit yields some of the best structured Cabernets and Merlots on the market and as I said before, my favorite.

Amizetta is smart in that they integrate modern technology only to accentuate and smooth out what could typically be a little too intense of a wine for most. The beauty of that is with their openness to the appropriate technology, they are traditionalists when it comes to production and grape growing. Long of the short it’s a winemaking process that reflects the best of both Old and New Worlds (European and non-European). Typically these wines need to see some age before they’re considered drinkable but that’s not necessarily the case here, they’re pretty approachable upon release whilst having that potential to age if one so chooses.

*By Appointment Only; $$-$$$

*My Favorite: 2015 Estate Cab ;Our Guy: Rosco

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